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Modern Shore: Lincoln Eve

May 2, 2012

Meeting a delayed plane this evening, I discovered I had an extra 15 minutes to kill. Almost anywhere else I would have wandered around the airport, maybe bought a coffee, but I am in Fredericton and there are other options here. Five minutes from the airport, the river was gorgeous and there remained enough vestiges of light that I could hope for photographs. A set of fortunate coincidences!

The valley is very grand; this is really the beginning of the lower Saint John floodplain, with its flat treed islands, back swamps, and yazoo tributaries. The broad river in semi-flood produces serene reflections of the late evening clouds. Just up the road, the century-old Wilmot Bluff lighthouse now nestles semi-hidden in the trees, looking more than a bit pagoda-like.  Long retired from active use, perhaps it saw enough of the river during its working life.

As I snap my last crooked photo, I hear the roar of the inbound turboprop as it slows on the runway a kilometre or two away. A signal that it is time, sadly, to head back to the modern world.

© Graham Young, 2012

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  1. Peter Lee permalink
    May 3, 2012 4:43 am

    The Saint John river is vast… more like a lake. Interesting images 🙂

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